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Social Caring and Sharing

Increasing Internet Crime Awareness is Everyone’s Responsibility

Social Caring
Dr. Don ICFO

Good Day All

I am Dr. Don Yates, Sr, Ph.D.

Founder of The Internet Crime Fighters Org  (ICFO)

Introducing my Campaign to Increase Internet Crime Awareness, and

To update some of the history related to our efforts which have led us to this campaign


2010 My Free WP blog closed by WP due to a scammer complaint about our report – New Blog
New Paid Hosting Blog blocked and labeled “Unsafe Content” by most browsers and ranking services
Internet Crime includes topics offensive to most such of us, such as
Pornography, Sex Trafficking, Child Grooming, Child Abuse, Predators, etc,
We moved to social reposting and marketing to offset browser blocks
2018 Security Breach necessitating another New Blog and
Continued Social Posting and appeals for Social Caring and Sharing
2019, July 4th Facebook, faced with privacy issues and fines changed their Comunity Standards
As a result, content related to previously approved content was no longer acceptable for FB
as unsafe, abusive content and spam posts in violation of their Comunity Standards
However, in FB’s zeal to block selected Post content, they have managed to close the entire Blog
Additionally, a so-called Facebook friend has managed to get FB to shut down two of our Blogs for
as unsafe, abusive content and spam posts in violation of their Comunity Standards resulting in
The Blogs remaining socially offline to Facebook, including all Beware, Warnings, Scams, and Threats
Resulting in two New Blogs, including our 4th ICFO Blog.
Campaigns for Social Caring and Sharing have failed with most friends ignoring requests for Likes, Shares, and Comments
Less than 1.5% of FB friends help Increase Internet Crime Awareness and ignore FB Page Like Requests
Once again we have to shift our marketing to  Increases awareness  to include both Social Sharing and SEO with an increased cost of operations and time
Give Up, Save Time and Money – Someone has to Continue
You will understand my motivations and why when you read my story below
Too many unsupervised children online and few parents are checking their children’s mobile devices for activities

Social Caring and Sharing – ICFO Fundraiser Campaign

Nearly every organization, agency, and blogs such as mine are started by someone with a passion for a particular cause
Few run into the difficulties that we have suffered us, because
Their cause is more appealing to the masses, and nearly all have a fundraiser
Our content is free and remains free because we have been paying the bills since 2004,
We have resisted subscriptions or membership fees because we want to reach as many as possible
Further, before the shutdowns and new blogs, we were receiving adverting opportunities because we had Traffic and Ranking
We do not have traffic, because our FB friends are not Caring and Sharing as requested
We need Traffic, Visitors to help raise internet crime awareness
We need Traffic, Visitors to help improve our ICFO ranking, attract sponsors and advertising
YOU Can Help; Likes are good, Likes and Shares are Better, and Best is “Like, Share, and Comments”
Until we get some reasonable amount of Sponsor or Advertiser Support, we are running
Our Sharing and Caring- ICFO Fundraiser Campaign
Your Donations would be appreciated and most welcome

Social Caring and Sharing Continued


Those that have known me, and my work for years are right.
Ever since our original site Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO) got hacked and corrupted (2016),
I lost motivation to bear the time and cost of rebuilding ICFO.
Why Bother, Since So Few Care?
Frustration and Procrastination Set In.
ICFO had lost its ranking and recognition that had been built up through the years
Sponsors stopped asking for advertising space; Donations were non-existent
Many Browsers and Ranking sites blocked or ranked our ICFO Website as Unsafe because of the Nature and Content of Internet Crime Topics
Sexual exploitation of children and teens
Child Abuse and Porn, Revenge pornography
Sexting and Sextortion
Sexual Harassment, Cyberbullying
Self-Harm and Suicides
to name just a few

A Result of Our ICFO Blockage

The primary way left for us to increase awareness of Internet Crime or Cyber Crime Is to post to social media and then spread the content through Social Sharing and
Only your closest friends are likely to, freely, share the intimacies; home life, and relationships,
While others may be ashamed of some event or circumstance, and still,
Others may be unaware of what is happening in their Business, Homelife, and Relationships
More importantly what is happening in their children’s lives
Social Sharing and Caring enables us to reach others that otherwise would have the content blocked

The Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO)

I started ICFO in September 2013 as a new Blog along with Facebook Pages and a New ICFO Group to consolidate and replace all previous efforts;
i.e., blogs, groups, and articles relating to Scams., Fraud and Threats dating from 2004
ICFO posts research and news related to all forms of Internet Crime to raise awareness of Internet risk to you, your children, families, and
While we serve all issues for FREE; however, the emphasis lies with our Children
We can only Educate and Inform; it is up to You To Pass the Information on to others
Despite our work and requests for help as of this posting, ICFO has managed to receive only 400 likes
Back in 2004, everyone wanted information; nowadays most feel overwhelmed and don’t care
Our groups spanned all social networks with nearly 100,000 members, only to be spammed by the group’s members
Since the blockage and hacking; our readership, interest, traffic numbers and ranking online have been declining rather than increasing
Our attempts to raise awareness, requests for sharing and caring, raise funds through sponsors, advertising, and donations all have failed
Total receipts for donations over the past nearly four years is a mere $5.00
Our Attempts to raise awareness and to raise funds through sponsors, advertising, and donations have failed; however, we must continue

Our Children and Teens Need Our Help

Harassment, Bullying, Self-harm and Teen Suicides continue to rise, and Apathy and Indifference to Internet Crime continues to kill our children
At the very time when our children need us the most; parents seem to have abdicated their parental roles to the Internet and mobile devices
Families have disengaged in conversation as a family unit
Mobile phones and devices are the new babysitters, and unfortunately, the Internet is shaping the minds and thoughts of our children and teens
Seniors are scammed of their retirement savings and loss of a suitable lifestyle through Investment and Dating Scams

The Daily News Informs Us

Children are being groomed after what they see, read and learn on the Internet
Children as young as five years old have unsupervised access to the dangers of the internet
Children as young as nine years old are watching porn and sexting
Predators and Pedophiles hide behind Fake Profiles grooming our children
Cyber harassment and bullying are increasing
Adding to an increase in self-harm and teen suicides
Apathy and Indifference to Internet Crime Continues to Kill Our Children
Scams are robbing our Businesses, Children, Families and our Seniors

Let’s Face It

For most of us, posts regarding Internet Crimes are boring and of little interest
Crimes against babies, children, and teens are repulsive, even sickening
ICFO understands that pictures and videos of a loved one, flowers, pets and beauty are easy to share
Many will jump at the chance to, like, love, and share with their friends who in turn re-share the post.
Still, others who thrive on someone else’s misery or abuse will quickly share the post which often sends the post or video
Education or helpful posts that should be read, liked, shared or commented are seldom passed along to friends and family
And as said before such posts are blocked by many browsers, parental controls, and security so those that need the information may never receive it

We Must Reverse the Trend

We are losing the fight
Our children’s safety and security online are everyone’s responsibility
We must stop the internet from shaping the minds of our children
Reassume our responsibilities as parents and concerned citizens
Children and teens must be continually supervised and monitored for behavior changes
Our Children and Friends’ Children are at risk
The predators and pedophiles will gladly take up grooming our children
Does your child have 1500 school friends?
How many does he or she really know?
As a parent, how many do you know?

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Thanks for Reading Social Caring and Sharing – My Story

Dr. Don Yates Sr Ph.D., Founder

The Internet Crime Fighters Org (ICFO)

Serving Our Members and Readers Since 2004

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