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Older archive but a good history of Cyberstalking


Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization. It may include false accusations, defamation, slander, and libel. Wikipedia

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How Facebook catches would-be child molesters by analyzing relationships and chat content

How do you fight back against online defamation?

Teacher ‘powerless’ to stop ex-girlfriend’s cyberstalking

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Amanda Todd stood up to stalker in a Facebook conversation

Cyber-stalking: When looking at other people online becomes a problem

Richmond cyber-stalking victim fights back

Cyberstalking Murder Case Could Provide Roadmap For Online Safety

Cyberstalking increasing, ‘easy’ way to abuse women: domestic violence report

Jurors: Court gunman’s 3 relatives guilty of cyberstalking

Matusiewiczes guilty of cyberstalking resulting in death

The Peruvian “Stalker Law” Will Be Reviewed By Congress, We Can Still Stop It

Ex-US Embassy employee charged with ‘sextortion’

Former U.S. Government Employee Charged in Computer Hacking and Cyber Stalking Scheme

Cyberstalking, ‘traffic stop sex’ evidence details conduct that landed Ohio trooper in prison

Ohio state trooper, jailed for cyberstalking, advertised ‘traffic stop sex’ on Craigslist

Fed charged with ‘sextortion,’ cyberstalking from US embassy

Washington man charged with cyberstalking former girlfriend

Investigator: Cyberstalking Case “One of the First” With Multiple Victims

Michigan Man Sentenced for Cyberstalking, Including 18 Victims From Western New York

Local cyberstalking case: “It was emotional torture.”

Man accused in cyberstalking case in North Hollywood arrested


Man who sent threatening messages to his family gets a 3-year sentence

Man gets three years for cyberstalking relatives

Yes, Facebook is stalking you

Cyberstalking just as serious as other forms of stalking

A new law makes cyberstalking a crime — and victims are grateful

UNLV senior pleads guilty in cyberstalking case linked to nude photos on Facebook


Recent ‘cyberstalking’ cases expose challenges

What Motivates Cyber Stalking After A Romantic Breakup

Cyberstalking lawsuit filed against Colleyville man

How the Law Is Standing Up to Cyberstalking

‘Walk & Stalk’: A New Twist In Cyberstalking

Forest Hill man faces 34 counts of cyberstalking

Senator Franken plans to re-introduce legislature to limit “Stalking Apps”

Franken re-introduces a bill to ban “cyber-stalking apps”

Barrington teen charged with cyberstalking, harassment

Judge again delays sentencing in cyberstalking case

Michigan man sentenced to 262 months for cyberstalking, child porn

Self-help author targeted by a stalker for seven years after showing kindness to him on a trans-Atlantic flight

US author Kristine Carlson ‘forgives’ Brecon stalker

Triangle venture capital firm sues former Chimerix CEO over anonymous emails

Profanity-laced threats aired before ex-teachers child porn sentencing

Retired detective warns Nathan Hale students about the dangers of the Internet

Ashford man faces federal cyberstalking and carjacking charges

US attorney details the severity of cybercrime

Man charged with threatening texts that shut down a school

LifeLock used to electronically track Arizona woman

LifeLock used to secretly track ex-wife’s financial moves

Women’s Aid calls for new cyberstalking offenses in legislation

Women’s Aid call for legislation as abused women ‘stalked’ online by partners and exes

Many women victims of digital abuse Can include stalking and ‘revenge porn’

Call for cyber-stalking laws to be updated

State Dept cyberstalker pleads guilty to sextortion charges

Miss. man accused of cyberstalking church pastor, staff

Police chief charged with cyberstalking

Natchitoches man accused of cyberstalking

Woman, 70, gets life sentence for cyberstalking, report says

Two Middlesex employees held for cyberstalking

Deputies: Citrus County man cyberstalked 3 women

Man charged with cyberstalking for the threatening woman on social media site

New hearing date set in Sparland cyberstalking case as expert defense witness sought

“What the tech?” Cyberstalking and sextortion

Widow, son and daughter of courthouse shooter get life terms in cyberstalking case

Matusiewicz siblings sentenced to life in prison

Cyberstalking case leads to life sentences for two family members The shooting was the culmination of a four-year campaign of letters, websites and Internet postings to “stalk, harass, and intimidate.”

Man, sister and mom sentenced to life for cyberstalking campaign that led to the man’s ex-wife being shot dead at courthouse

Kris Degioia Launches Tour To Raise Awareness Of How Cyber Stalking Wrecks Lives 

Ft. Walton Beach couple arrested for cyber-stalking

Couple charged with cyberstalking over a speeding incident

Cyberstalking Injunction Killed in Businessmen’s Fight Tied to Michael Jackson Hologram


Cyber Stalking: Overview and Advice

Cyberstalker sentenced to 10 years in prison

Syracuse University alumnus gets 10 years in prison for cyberstalking women

Norton by Symantec, Beyondblue say online harassment affects half of all women

Masks, cyberstalking and GoPros: Court documents reveal the elaborate plot in East Tenn. bank extortion case Brian Witham, 45, entered a guilty plea in federal court in numerous bank extortion plots

Cyberstalking case goes to court

Judge declares “Cyberstalking a Serious Crime” and sentences a Cyberstalker to 10 years in prison!

How one woman’s murder led to the most important cyberstalking verdict in years

Local man faces federal trial in alleged cyberstalking Defendant’s lawyer says the relationship was ‘hot mess’ but not criminal; feds say he used ’emotional torture’

Bonney Lake H.S. student charged with cyberstalking mother of missing girl

Teen Sends Threatening Message To Missing Girl’s Mom

More Colleges Are Cyber-Stalking Students During the Admissions Process

RI lawmakers consider cyberstalking bills

Kenya: AfDB Partners With Facebook, Kenya Police to Stem Gender-Based Cyber Violence

Google Just Hired 4chan’s Founder. Here’s What That Means For The Company’s Future.

Insulting, embarrassing via social media would be a crime under a bill pushed by R.I. attorney general

Social Justice Warriors Confuse Cybercrime With Unpleasant Speech

Cyber Stalking: Overview and Advice

If You Can’t Stop Cyberstalking Your Ex, This Is The Insta-Vention You Need

FBI: A Web of Intimidation Landmark Cyberstalking Case Results in Life Sentences for Three Family Members

Cyberstalking rising as a third of victims found online Read more:

3 cyberstalkers sentenced for role in double-murder

‘Cybercrime bill to prevent online harassment, cyberstalking, blackmailing’ Anusha says such crimes will be considered as offensive, a person committing these will be penalized severely under law

Cybercrime bill to prevent online harassment

One cyberstalking case a month reported to police in Northamptonshire Read more:

Police focus on ‘cyberstalking’ as part of awareness campaign

A man faced with harassment after hacking into ex-girlfriend’s email account, cyberstalking

10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking

CPS advises password protecting IP cameras to avoid cyber-stalking By not password protected you can leave yourself vulnerable to be watched by anyone

Case studies from Northamptonshire Police reveal horrors of cyberstalking

Ohio bill seeks to punish cyberstalkers, protect victims

Woodstock man pleads guilty to cyberstalking 16-year-old girl

Avoid cyberstalking nightmares with the Lifestyle Messenger app, n-gage Perhaps Kristen could have avoided this nightmare if she’d have been using Lifestyle Messenger App, n-gage. n-gage has 13 Privacy features that are selectable depending on individual user preferences.

Bill headed to governor’s desk aimed at cyberstalkers

FBI: Sextortion and Cyberstalking How a Single Tip Uncovered an International Scheme


Cyberstalkers beware

Cyberstalking Suspect Texted Newport Woman 100s of Times: Police Police charged the man with cyberstalking after he sent the victim hundreds of messages over a period of time beginning in March.

Kentucky woman’s report leads to international sextortion, cyberstalking scheme

Court order banning speech about a person (and banning gun possession by the speaker) reversed

My co-worker is cyber-stalking potential hires, looking for dirt

Plantation Cop Assigned To Cyberstalking Case Fired For Sending Sex Act Video To Victim

Is It Illegal To Use An App To Track Your Kid, Spouse, Or Employee?

Victim reveals how her life was shattered by her ex-partner who became her cyber bully

Woodstock man pleads guilty to cyberstalking 16-year-old girl

Cyber stalking rising as a third of victims found online

Focus on cyber stalking as Northamptonshire police support national stalking awareness week  Read more:

Case studies from Northamptonshire Police reveal horrors of cyberstalking  Read more:

A man faced with harassment after hacking into ex-girlfriend’s email account, cyberstalking

Family hit by cyber stalker A Neosho couple will be on today and Thursday’s Dr. Phil Show, after finding out that someone had ‘cyber hijacked’ their twin daughters.

My co-worker is cyber-stalking potential hires, looking for dirt

FBI: A Web of Intimidation  Landmark Cyberstalking Case Results in Life Sentences for Three Family Members

Hawthorne man accused of cyberstalking stranger for months

I’ve Been Cyberstalking My Biological Dad

House Painter Dressed As Schoolgirl, Sent Pics of Fingernails in Bizarre Cyberstalking Case  Cranston police arrested a 61-year-old Providence man after a lengthy investigation into his alleged harassment of more than 45 victims.

Cops: Cyberstalking suspect had 45 victims

Cyberstalking victim speaks out, shares her message

Boca police: Dispute over deposit prompts a woman to stalk, harass ex-roommate

Man wanted for cyberstalking Marine Patrol officer arrested in Stone County

Man accused of cyberstalking Marine Patrol officer arrested

What is Cyberstalking? Examples, Prevention, Help

Commentary: Bill would crack down on cyber stalkers

Man arrested for cyberstalking a patrol officer on Facebook after he copped a ticket for careless driving

10 Tips to Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking

FBI: Sextortion and Cyberstalking How a Single Tip Uncovered an International Scheme

Social media junkies reveal what their cyberstalking habits are really like


To fight ‘hate speech,’ stop talking about it Hateful ideas are real and corrosive. But our concept of “hate speech” is incoherent.

Arrest made after someone posts sexually explicit ad about St. John mom

New study looks at stalking amid rise in reported cases

Cyberstalking case investigation leads to arrest of Ville Platte man

Gastonia man accused of cyberstalking

Cyberstalking begins anew for victim

Woman charged with cyber-stalking romantic rival

State’s cyberstalking law declared unconstitutional

Cyber Stalking and Child Exploitation

Hello Caller: Help! I’m obsessively cyber-stalking my boyfriend’s ex

What is the most effective way to deal with the increasing problem of cyberstalking?

Ashford man gets five years for federal cyberstalking charge

Police say a woman broke into lawyer’s home after cyberstalking

Times When People Completely Failed at Cyberstalking Their Crush

What is cyberstalking? Examples, Facts, Stats

12 Tips To Protect Yourself From Cyberstalking

How Cyberstalkers Obtain Your Personal Information

Cyberstalking, Spyware and Privacy Protection

“I Was a Victim of Cyberstalking” – One Woman’s Story “I Didn’t Know It Could Happen To Me”

What is cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking & harassment

The Use of Technology to Stalk

Social Networking Sites – a bonanza for stalkers—a-bonanza-for-stalkers.pdf?sfvrsn=2


Cyberstalking: Dangers on the Information Superhighway—dangers-on-the-information-superhighway.pdf

Online Harassment/Cyberstalking Statistics

Cyberstalking Facts, Types of Cyberstalkers

CYBERSTALKING Cyberstalking refers to the crime of using the Internet, email, or other types of electronic communications to stalk, harass, or threaten another person.

Are You Being Stalked?

Cyberstalking Get Safe Online

2 charged after threatening to kill 17-year-old, driving by home with officers present at 3 a.m.

Feds, Neighborhood Reps at Human Trafficking Forum Proximity to the international border makes communities vulnerable to human trafficking. Child abduction, cyberstalking also on the uptick.

Cyber abuse: Why GPs are ideally placed to help patients suffering harassment

Man pleads guilty to murdering 14-year-old niece during fight over shoes

Smartphones not good for Indian teenagers: Study

Miss. man arrested for threatening cop on social media

Indian Teenagers Grapple With Leaked Personal Information on mobile devices

Starkville man arrested for cyberstalking, threatening police officer

Bond set for Moselle man charged with sexual cyber stalking

Blasphemy, pornography missing from Cyber Crime Bill?

Open Colleges AU Outreach – Cyber Safety

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